During the year, a portion of our proceeds is donated to various organizations that serve needy families and children, here and abroad, as well as organizations that support homeschool families. Isn't it good to know that, while helping your own child, you’re also helping other children in need? This session, Playground Pass is supporting Family Protection Ministries.
Family Protection Ministries' purpose is to defend our freedom as parents to train, educate and care for our children privately, without governmental interference. It is the only full-time organization working in the state capitol monitoring all legislative and administrative actions and advocating in behalf of private home educators and parents.
Each year, new bills threatening private home education, private schools, and parental rights are introduced.  FPM’s strategic leadership has been vital to stopping or amending dozens of damaging bills.  Some of the dangerous proposals that have been stopped include: criminalizing homeschooling, defining educational neglect and truancy as child abuse (which could have been used against homeschoolers), statewide daytime curfews, mandatory government home visits of all infants and toddlers, and mandatory psychiatric examinations for all citizens every three years. 
The efforts of FPM have also been critical in passing positive legislation protecting parental rights (for example, excluding spankings in the definition of child abuse, reducing the absolute immunity of social workers in order to protect innocent parents from false accusations of child abuse, and requiring CPS social workers performing an investigation of suspected child abuse or neglect to advise the individual of the allegations against him).


Olive Crest is dedicated to Preventing child abuse, to Treating and Educating at-risk children and to Preserving the family… “One Life at a Time.”®



Muphamuzi Baby Home-The construction of a bedroom and a playroom will enable the home to care for 30 additional infants and toddlers.Opened in February 2012, the Muphamuzi Baby Home exists as “a bridge between abandoned and cherished where safety is found, a family is given, and hope is restored.”