PARKOUR-FREERUNNING CLASS & OPEN GYM at Firestorm Freerunning in Santa Ana (35% off)

PARKOUR is all about efficient body movement, moving over and through obstacles quickly, efficiently and effectively. FREERUNNING focuses on exploring creativity through movement, taking parkour as our base and mixing on twists, flips, inversions, tricking, and tumbling to create aesthetically pleasing body movement. Come for a super fun workout at Firestorm, Orange County’s first, and only, Parkour, Freerunning, Ninja Warrior, and Acrobatics training facility. Ages 4+ to Adults. Great discounts offered to Homeschoolers only!

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  • $65/mo. for 1 class per week ($100 value)
  • $105/mo. for 2 classes per week ($150 value)
  • $125/mo. for 3 classes per week ($200 value)


  • $85/mo. for 1 class per week ($100 value)
  • $125/mo. for 2 classes per week ($150 value)
  • $145/mo. for 3 classes per week ($200 value)


Empire and River Springs
Sage Oak


Monday-Friday, 12-1 pm

Parkour & Freerunning. For Ages 7+. (55 minutes) These classes are for ages 7 years and up. Adults, kids, boys, and girls train together and are separated into training groups based upon their skill level, not age or sex. A few of more advanced classes are only for ages 13 and up, or students who have Leveled Up to their Green Rank.

Every time you come into class to train in Parkour and Freerunning, we focus the class on one of the four main aspects of Parkour: Floor, Vaults, Walls, and Bars. Our team of professional coaches and Freerunners developed our curriculum to make sure you progress through learning Parkour as quickly and safely as possible. We are trained to teach people of all ages and fitness levels to learn this exciting new movement and art form.

We break our students into colored ranks, similar to the colored belt system of martial arts. Instead of colored belts, we use colored silicone wrist bands and hero shirts. Each new student starts off as a white band/shirt, or what we refer to as a Cadet. As your skills and abilities continue to grow, your skills are tested to see if they are ready to move on to more advanced skills and more advanced areas of the gym




Monday-Friday, 12-1 pm

For Ages 4-6. Our “Little Heroes” class allows us to take advantage of this window of opportunity to introduce them to cross-training to create a substantial base for their physical capabilities.  Our mission is to train body mechanics and awareness until it becomes second-nature, especially for our younger heroes.  The Little Heroes training foundation is composed of 3 main disciplines:
PARKOUR – Children LOVE to jump up and down furniture and structures during these formative years and tend to be inexperienced with their own safety.  WE TEACH THEM HOW TO PLAY SAFELY.  This is a class where we teach students how to climb, jump, swing, and roll SAFELY AND CORRECTLY.  These classes have a major focus on safely overcoming obstacles.  We teach how to protect knees, elbows, and especially faces. The practice of parkour is the practice of 3-Dimensional problem solving.
GYMNASTICS – Our Gymnastics classes focus on kinematics, or body position.  This is where children learn how to support their weight and stay balanced while inverted.  FORM and BODY POSITION are the major players here.
TRAMPOLINE – Having fun is an important part of learning, too.  Our trampoline teaches children how to exercise body control while in the air.  They will develop the skills to preserve proper body position, balance, and spatial awareness while in the air.
Over time, your children will develop their balance, hand/eye/foot coordination, aerial awareness, spatial awareness, accuracy, strength, flexibility, teamwork, and problem solving.






Monday-Friday, 1-2 pm

Ages 4-Adult. 60 minutes.This is an open free time for students and non-students alike to have an opportunity to train with friends and on their own, choosing how and on what they want to practice. This gives students the extra time to work on tricks and techniques they have learned in classes. This is a great way to practice a new skill or technique in a safe environment. Games, obstacle courses, and other activities are also offered during this time.

ONLY $1 PER VISIT (current students)

$10 (if not currently enrolled)



  • Before coming to Firestorm for a class or Open Gym, you MUST fill out our WAIVER FORM.
  • Under 18? A parent or guardian must fill out your form.
  • Next, join us for a DROP IN CLASS! You can create an account and sign up for your class online, give us a call (714.458.3733), or walk into our facility at least 15 minutes before the class you want to take begins.
  • Make sure to bring closed-toed athletic shoes and flexible clothes you can move and feel comfortable in.



FIRESTORM is Orange County’s first, and only, PARKOUR, FREERUNNING, NINJA WARRIOR, and ACROBATICS training facility. Our custom designed 6,200 sq. ft. facility offers a unique & challenging environment to train all acrobatics sports, as well as GAIN that EXTRA EDGE in mainstream sports practice.

Firestorm’s team of Professional Coaches and Athletes are here to train you. Our goal is to make you into the best, most well rounded athlete possible, while having tons of fun doing it. We climb, roll, balance, jump, twist, flip, and ninja kick our way to athleticism. Whether you are looking for a fun workout or are an athlete looking for the skills to give you a competitive edge, Parkour skill training will take you far beyond what you thought yourself capable of.

We created this facility especially to make parkour and freerunning safe and accessible to people of all ages and all body types.  The most important tenets of both freerunning and parkour is to make sure that you are well-prepared to avoid injury.  It is our mission to teach people these tenets, and how to respect themselves and their surroundings in a way that will help them develop safe and healthy training habits.

OUR MISSION is to teach everyone to begin safely, train progressively, and enjoy movement and mobility for the rest of their lives.

About the Coaches 

Firestorm has an excellent team of coaches who have two goals for you each time you enter our facility: to learn something new and have fun while doing it. Your Firestorm coaches are COACHES first and professional ATHLETES and PERFORMERS second. Learn more and watch videos of them HERE

JUSTIN TAYLOR, Owner & Head Coach
Justin grew up in the world of competitive gymnastics from age 6-13 under the tutelage of Edward Azarian and Xiaoping Li, two former Olympic Medalists and World Champions. His other involvements have included Competitive Cheer, Spring Board High Diving, and Skating. Justin earned the prestigious Eagle Scout Award and a degree in Industrial Technology from CSULA School of Engineering and Technology. Justin began training in parkour and freerunning as well as performing in trampoline, gymnastics, and stunt shows. Justin has always loved teaching children, which stems from his mother running a day care out of his house while he was growing up. After years of gymnastics training and a lifetime surrounded by children, Justin earned his first coaching position at the young age of 13 and has been coaching in gyms and pool decks ever since. After 13 years of coaching, Justin grew dissatisfied with the restraints placed upon his teaching in mega sized gymnastics gyms which led to his goal to open his own training academy that offered classes in any and all types of movement.

STEVE NGUYEN, Owner & Coach
Steve Nguyen began his journey into martial arts at the age of 8. He began practicing ITF Tae Kwon Do under the tutelage of Master Dang Huy Duc in Westminister, and returns to his roots there from time to time after receiving his 2nd degree black belt. By the age of 19, Steve began exploring Kendo and Japan Karate-Do Ryobu Kai Karate as a student at the University of California, Irvine. After graduating with his degree in Biological Sciences in 2008, he and his older brother Ron Nguyen began an entrepreneurial business in the dental industry, becoming the industry’s youngest and most recognized businessmen. Deciding to partner with Justin Taylor, Steve is now returning to his roots in martial arts through parkour and weapons training, exploring what is most important to him. Steve believes in utilizing martial arts and parkour to challenge the perceptions people have of their physical limitations while having lots of fun and looking awesome doing it.



2533 S. Main St.
Santa Ana, Ca 92707
(714) 458-3733














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