INTRODUCTORY GOLF INSTRUCTION at Lakewood Golf Course in Lakewood, Mon-Fri, June 5-9, 1:30-3:30 pm

Introductory golf instruction offered by Los Angeles County Jr. Golf Program with lessons on Chipping, Putting and the Driving Range. Friday 18-hole Putting Tournament and Award Ceremony. Select only ONE of the week-long sessions offered at Lakewood and Whittier Narrows Golf Courses. Clubs are provided! Commitment to attend a minimum 3 days required to register. $6 for an entire week of golf!


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  • For homeschool boys and girls, ages 3 to 18
  • Parents of students ages 3-5 are required to keep close watch the entire classtime
  • Commitment to attend a minimum 3 days required to register.
  • Limited Space available.
  • Limited to one Session per child.
  • No make-ups or refunds will be given.
  • SIGNED WAIVER is required to participate. Waiver will be sent out one week prior to the class.
  • Children who fail to adhere to all instructions regarding safety practices may be suspended from the program.



The Los Angeles County Junior Golf Program is a traveling free golf lesson program with the mission of providing today’s youth with an opportunity to experience the game of a lifetime. The County staff is committed to creating and maintaining a golf program geared to introducing youngsters to County golf facilities and exposing them to valuable life skills such as Respect, Integrity, Character and Honor (RICH).The Program offers free golf lessons to juniors, 18 and under, as well as quality junior golf tournaments. Weeklong after school and summer programs as well as one day clinics are offered. The program travels to all five Los Angeles County Supervisorial Districts, including 17 golf course properties.

The Homeschool Jr. Golf Program began in 2010 by special arrangement with and through the generosity of LA County Jr. Golf Director, Mr. Mike McMonegal. This highly successful program has given the children of hundreds of homeschooling families the opportunity to learn chipping, putting, and driving at a real golf course, proper etiquette and rules with the use of clubs. Additionally, the final day of each golf session is filled with fun and excitement at the Putting Tournament where every child is recognized for their effort, and medals are awarded to the winners.



3101 Carson St.
Lakewood, CA 90712




From the Juniors...

"I like the driving range because I can hit the ball hard! I also like the putting contest because I can win a medal."

~ Madeleine

 "I like every part of golf! I like the driving range because I like hitting the ball far! I like making the golf ball pop up on the chipping green. I love watching the ball go into the hole when I putt!"

~ Timothy

From a Homeschooling Mom...

“Our family has been privileged to be a part of the LA County Jr. Golf Program this year and we are so thankful to have found such an opportunity. The Golf Program has been a great activity for my four children to participate in. They have received excellent instruction that has enabled them to truly understand and enjoy the game of golf. Without your program, my children and many others would never have been exposed to the game, nor appreciated it at such a deep level. Each of my children have had outstanding coaches who took the time necessary to teach each skill required to play golf. Beyond the essentials of golf, the coaches have exhibited character traits that I wish to build into my children: perseverance, respect, decorum, and enthusiasm. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such a program. Thank you for making it possible."

~ Tara, mother of 4 children participating since 2010


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