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Hi! I’m Lori, wife and homeschool mom to two teen boys. I founded Playground Pass in 2013, but the idea of it was born many years earlier.  Before having my children, I was an independent piano instructor teaching school kids every weekday from 4-9 pm in my home studio. Although I enjoyed my profession, I really disliked the late afternoon-evening hours.  I was always racking my brain trying to find a solution to my empty day hours. Obviously, I was completely ignorant of a wonderful community called Homeschoolers, and had assumed my only options were preschoolers or senior citizens. Fast forward to becoming a homeschool mom, and coming to the realization that we actually preferred our activities and classes during that very time…the weekday hours (AND only if we could afford them)! I soon recognized that other businesses were in the same predicament I had been in as a piano teacher. Then came the lightbulb moment: What if we could create a win-win by negotiating daytime discounts with these local merchants so they earn revenue they wouldn’t otherwise get during their off-peak time, and the homeschoolers can get the much-needed discounts for activities they want? Playground Pass began as an experiment and has proven itself to work successfully in connecting homeschoolers to merchants.

But I also saw another need in our huge and thriving SoCal homeschool community…it is quite fragmented. Homeschoolers need to find one another more easily for info, support, classes and activities, resources, etc. With this void of having a centralized place to find all these opportunities, Playground Pass decided to build a resource to help connect you to other homeschoolers and resources for your homeschool journey.  

Do you remember your favorite place when you attended school? For many of us, it wasn’t the classroom...it was the PLAYGROUND! That’s where the fun and connections happen. So it is with Playground Pass. You will have the opportunity to connect with other homeschoolers & resources, plus gain special access to the deals negotiated on your behalf. Our website is a work in progress, so please take a look around at what we’ve started and what is planned. Please subscribe to the FREE newsletter to keep up with the latest deals and tell your homeschool friends! Together, we can make this the resource we’ve all been waiting for.


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